3-D Bioprinting

Printable, resorbable, biocompatible, non-toxic, scaffolds and implants with patient specific geometry

Our progressive hardware, materials, and strategies for 3-D printing technology spans from standard prototyping materials to cutting edge biomaterials. Development is fostered by two decades of expertise in polymer science and application and it is supported by a broad arsenal of engineering talent and capabilities.

Triton’s current 3-D printing applications range from patient-specific medical devices to regenerative tissue engineering. Our formulation has the ability to incorporate cells, drugs, other factors, without damaging them.

Advanced Shipping and Storage Containers

Temperature control for product safety without requiring external source of power.

Triton Systems is developing advanced temperature controlled container technology utilizing innovative system geometry. In collaboration with leading container manufacturers, we perform analysis of global temperature regions and variations to create custom thermodynamic exposure profiles.  These profiles are used to create robust and versatile solutions to maintain temperature assurance in the most extreme environments — using state of the art insulation and phase change materials.

In Ear Sensing

Continuous and long-term sensing from within the ear or other areas where small size is important.

Our in ear sensing system uses inductive coupling between coils to both transmit power into the tiny sensing device and transmit data back out to the external receiver.

Medical Training Tools

Realistic medical training

We are able to develop medical training units with high anatomical accuracy. These trainers are composed of materials which not only look real, but also possess mechanical properties and bleeding potential which mimic natural tissues. These designs provide the most realistic and consistent level of training possible, which accelerates the learning process.