Triton designs, engineers and manufactures MEMS-based sensors and other devices for industrial, medical and defense applications. Our high efficient and vertically integrated MEMS fabrication facility allows our customers to rapidly and cost-effectively transition a product through prototyping into quality-system driven production.

Capabilities Include:
  • Photolithographic Stepper (5:1)
  • Front & Backside Contact Aligner
  • E-beam Lithography
  • High Selectivity Deep Ion Reactive Etching
  • Metal and Dielectric Wet Etching
  • Anisotropic Si Etching
  • Oxide ICP
  • Metal Sputter & Evaporation Deposition
  • Atomic Layer Deposition
  • Critical Dimension Analysis
  • Surface Profilometry
  • Film Stress Measurement
  • SEM with CD Capability
  • Automated Electrical Wafer Probe
  • Automated Wafer Dicing
  • Epoxy and Solder Die Attachment

Triton’s MEMS Quality System integrates Process Control Planning, Gauge Capability, Statistical Process Control and Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis (pFMEA) for both development and manufacturing.