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Challenging the Boundaries of What’s Possible

At Triton, we follow the “Three I’s”— Inspiration, Innovation, and Investment.


At Triton Systems, we’re relentlessly focused on what’s next: the next invention, the next breakthrough, the next innovation that can unleash new possibilities in engineering, science, and technology to impact our lives.

Located in a state-of-the-art clear facility in greater Boston, home to a rich and proven talent pool of technologists, academics, and investors, our scientists, engineers, and systems integrators continuously challenge themselves to envision what the next innovation will be. We ask the hard “what-if” questions. We develop the right answers. And we apply our knowledge and experience to bring new approaches to difficult – often unmet – needs of commercial and government clients.


Our diverse team of professionals possesses broad and deep knowledge across a number of disciplines that impact large global markets. Drawing on our skills in materials design, applications engineering, innovative product design, manufacturing processes, supply-chain economics, product marketing, and corporate ventures, we create a steady stream of game-changing innovations. For 30 years, we’ve used these uncommon competencies to successfully translate innovations into practical solutions.


While our DNA is based on challenging the status quo, we also have the funding and business discipline to transition these evolutionary, and sometimes revolutionary, solutions to products serving broad, global markets. We make that happen by leveraging private and public non-dilutive investments to move early-stage ideas from lab-based prototypes to mature, manufactured products. That’s how we’ve helped create more than $4 billion in shareholder value over the past 15 years.

Home>About>About Us