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Enhance Performance, Accelerate Education, Improve Survivability

Human Systems multidisciplinary technology development team of mechanical, biomedical, software, and human factors engineers practices a human-centered design process to deliver user-driven solutions. Through an iterative cycle, we use prototypes and simulated operational environments to enhance realism at every step of the design process. Our methods include expert interviews, focus groups, questionnaires, and task-based prototype evaluations. Through this emphasis on the user, we improve design efficacy and increase adoption.

Human Performance Products

We provide next-generation technologies to increase user safety and enhance performance across physical and cognitive domains. From safety systems in high-stress environments to physical and cognitive ergonomics that heighten situational awareness, Triton solutions respond to the needs of military personnel and organizations involved in emergency response, waste management, entertainment, and healthcare.

Synthetic Training

Triton develops tailored simulation and training systems that increase skills attainment, provide meaningful assessment tools, and lower the logistical burdens of user education. Using the ADDIE model of design, we develop training programs for specific educational contexts. Triton is developing projects that leverage Resonant Design, a strategy that focuses on discussion and engagement to educate users.

Our programs range from lightweight trainers that focus on psychological fidelity, to high-fidelity trainers that emphasize environmental fidelity. Our high-fidelity trainers leverage haptics, augmented reality, and virtual reality systems. These trainers are employed on a diverse range of applications, including medical procedures, preventive maintenance assistance, and job-specific task training.

Medical Devices

Triton offers medical devices and personal wearable systems that increase survivability, effectiveness, and performance – and save lives. Our solutions increase the quality of care for patients in degraded or austere environments. These efforts enable care providers to access tools and methods in the field that drastically improve patient outcomes. These include emergency medical devices, prolonged field-care devices, diagnostics, biometric monitoring, and more.


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Home>Focus Areas>Human Systems