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Innovations to Support Basic Human Endeavors

Triton Systems has invested heavily to create a range of innovative technologies to address the supply of clean water, energy conversion, and specialized logistical solutions. Our water and energy solutions range from personal-sized systems to building scale. Our logistics solutions address critical deliveries over distances ranging from final mile to hundreds of miles. All support the daily life of Americans and specialized military needs. Our Sustainment team applies advanced engineering and design tools to develop technical approaches that are validated through robust prototyping, testing, and evaluation.

Water Purification

Only roughly 3% of the world’s water is fresh and drinkable – and much of that is inaccessible or polluted – making water purification a critical need. Triton addresses specialized needs of soldiers to create drinkable water from sources that may be contaminated with salts, chemicals, and pathogens. Other technologies address the need for ultra-pure water to support medical treatments such as dialysis and blood transfusions. Our solutions are achieved using minimal power and in many cases are human powered.

Refrigeration and Environmental Control

Vapor-compression technology has been the dominant mode of cooling for the last 70-100 years, but relies on fluids that have proven to be environmentally harmful. This presents opportunities for alternative cooling technologies including thermoacoustic, elastocaloric, and adsorption. Triton is developing systems using these technologies to meet both specialized and broad needs, including thermal energy storage.

Power Generation, Energy Harvesting, and Combustion

Energy conversion is essential to nearly every sustainment activity. Triton focuses on specialized approaches to meet non-grid power needs, such as harvesting wave energy for ocean-observing and meteorological buoys and converting thermal to electric energy via thermoelectric generation. We also address the natural interconnectedness of energy conversion and water use, focusing on high efficiency.

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS/UAVs) for Logistics

To achieve effective sustainment, you must apply the right resource at the right time. Unfortunately, it’s not always practical to stockpile every resource you may potentially need. Triton is developing innovative unmanned aerial systems and unmanned aerial vehicles for long-distance and final-mile logistics capabilities for just-in-time delivery of crucial supplies in harsh or isolated environments.

Tools include Solidworks®, Solidworks Simulation, COMSOL® Multiphysics, MATLAB®, Altium®, Python


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Home>Focus Areas>Sustainment