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Next-Generation Solutions and Services

Triton Systems’ Structures team offers skills, knowledge, and experience to provide next-generation solutions and services that bring strength, effectiveness, cost-efficiency, and innovation to unique engineered components and systems. We use advanced analytical tools to model thermal, fluidic, structural, mechanical, and material properties to create solutions that optimize size, weight, power, and cost for future systems.

These models guide material selection (polymer, ceramic, metal, or composite) and appropriate manufacturing techniques for prototype components. Expertise in composite manufacturing and additive manufacturing techniques allows Triton to fabricate complex high-performance solutions.

Design and Analysis Through Multiphysics Tools

Triton’s expert analysts use COMSOL Multiphysics® software simulations to drive and inform sophisticated designs, devices, and processes. Our library of physical modules includes heat transfer, fluid mechanics, acoustics, structural mechanics, multi-body dynamics, composites, metallurgy, and electricity. For example, Triton developed an analytical tool to optimize the quenching process for aluminum aerospace forgings by coupling thermal, mechanical, and metallurgical inputs to predict residual stresses and consequential distortion behavior.

Composite Systems

Our successful projects range from replacing legacy metal structures with lighter and stronger materials to reducing parts count through unified assemblies or replacing corrosion-prone components.
Previously, we’ve used composites to create lightweight air-drop pallets for cargo delivery, airborne electronic enclosures for the E-4B aircraft, and bomb shrouds. Today, we’re actively developing lightweight, low-profile heat shields for aircraft and lightweight and corrosion-resistant fuel tanks for marine applications.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing has opened a world of new possibilities for engineers to create innovative solutions to difficult problems. Triton is a leader in the use of cold spray technology on an industrial scale to rapidly produce large metal parts. We have forged a partnership with Titomic Ltd. of Australia, to bring large-scale cold-spray technology to the U.S. for applications such as composite tooling fabrication. We’ve developed a proprietary micro cold-spray system to print antennas. We’re also active in polymer 3D printing to develop materials capable of meeting shipboard fire, smoke, and toxicity requirements.

Airborne Mobility

Triton’s personal mobility projects focus on skillful insertion of personnel in-theater from air, land, and sea. Technologies being developed include low-altitude parachute systems and paramotors.

High-Endurance Bearings

Our patent-pending, high-endurance spherical bearings deliver more than 2x the wear life of legacy bearing in specific aircraft components for the U.S. Navy. This new design will significantly reduce maintenance costs and increase operational availability of aircraft that currently experience out-of-phase repair intervals due to excessive bearing wear. These longer-life bearings will perform safely for the full duration between major service intervals. Our design is particularly beneficial for highly loaded bearings that operate in environments where dirt and dust are prevalent.


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Home>Focus Areas>Structures