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Our Future Lies in the Ocean

From strengthening our nation’s undersea defenses to unlocking renewable energy resources and improving environmental stewardship, Triton Systems develops innovative technologies and new solutions to enhance our ability to work near, on and under the ocean. Our talented, knowledgeable, and experienced engineers work to address challenges in:

Anti-Submarine Warfare

Triton Systems has developed solutions to detect, classify, and identify new classes of quiet, modern submarines. Our advanced hardware and algorithms enhance the capabilities of active, passive, and multistatic acoustic systems while lowering costs and extending the life of deployed assets. These projects span sonobuoys, towed arrays, advanced hydrophones, pressure vessel designs, and array position control and monitoring.

Offshore Mooring

To meet the needs of floating offshore wind projects, Triton developed the SeaStar Anchor, an automated shallow-water anchoring system, which is suitable for all bottom conditions. The SeaStar Anchor reduces complexity and operational costs while enabling new approaches to offshore structure design and placement.

Moving forward, Triton is investing to commercialize this technology through the Helical Anchor Group Installation System (HAGIS), a low cost, low-acoustic-impact, flexible anchoring system for small- and large-scale offshore wind farms. This solution is especially useful as the industry moves into deeper water and explores floating wind turbines.

Unmanned Underwater Vehicles and Submarines

Our technologies are making key contributions to the autonomous underwater vehicle industry and underwater robotics – for both military and commercial markets. Triton Systems is addressing key component technologies that transform the capabilities of AUVs used in mine countermeasures, surveillance and reconnaissance, and environmental monitoring. Recent innovations have included: propulsion systems to enhance AUV reliability and efficiency, sensing technologies to improve monitoring of whales, and retractable antenna systems that can be retrofitted for diverse AUV classes.


  • Hydrodynamic testing and evaluation
  • Open-water field testing
  • Subsea tooling design
  • Hydrophone and array design and fabrication


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Home>Focus Areas>Ocean Systems