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We Hear You

Noise: At best, it’s an annoying distraction that can impede your ability to operate. At worst, it creates dangerous, unhealthy situations that harm or cripple nearby people. Whether it’s Navy/commercial divers, military or commercial fliers, helicopter crews, ground personnel, mineworkers, combat fighters, or others operating in a harsh environment, noise can create lasting damage. That’s why Triton’s Acoustics group has developed numerous innovations to mitigate the often-damaging impacts of noise.

Hearing Protection and Communications

‘Noisy environments can hamper communications, increase fatigue, and decrease concentration, ultimately diminishing mission effectiveness and job performance. Over the long term, hearing loss and tinnitus from noise exposure are leading causes of disabilities. Triton offers a range of capabilities for active noise reduction, improved communications, in-ear monitoring/testing, and more.

Noise Reduction

For defense, aerospace, and other industries, Triton offers a range of capabilities in noise analysis, classification, identification, and reduction of noise that can be annoying, distracting, or hazardous. For instance, Triton is designing an acoustic liner for a rotating detonation combustor (RDC) to suppress unwanted acoustic waves.

Simulation and Data Analysis

Triton Systems has invested in the development of sophisticated, next-generation numerical algorithms, data analysis, and visualization tools. For instance, our multisensory interactive data analysis tools support data visualization, hypothesis generation, and hypothesis testing, as well visual and auditory representations of datasets to explore relationships between parameters in the dataset and among data sets. Our high- performance simulation algorithms are being developed for use by the military for applications ranging from missile trajectory estimation to analyzing missile flight debris paths.


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Home>Focus Areas>Acoustics