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Neurosymbolic AI: A more Human-Like Discipline.

A More Human-Like Discipline

Triton is aiming to embed advanced AI – neurosymbolic artificial intelligence – within a targeted set of technologies that enable intelligent systems to understand questions of human operators/users, explain the underlying rationale for decisions in human-understood terms, use deductive or inductive logic to reach decisions and make human-like inferences, and simply use common sense reasoning to solve challenging problems even in the presence of unexpected or unplanned circumstances.

What Triton Systems’ Neurosymbolic AI Technology Can Do

Our mission -specific AI platforms can continuously sense its environment and appropriately encode derived information for internal processing to enable subsequent symbolic-processing-based computations at human-like higher layers of abstraction. Deployed “on top of” ML/DL neural network-based classification- or pattern-recognition modules, the platform can use the properly encoded outputs of such modules as one more set of information sources to consider. It considers facts, estimates, and constraints; automatically develops action plans that are dynamically updated, if and when needed; and reasons using human-like formal logic rules to derive context-sensitive inferences without “paralysis by analysis.”

The goal is to exhibit human-like decision-making when encountering unexpected conditions and act based on multiple criteria – including responsible and ethical behavior when this may be applicable (e.g., an unmanned vehicle mission).

Unlike ML- or DL/NN-only systems, our neurosymbolic AI approach interprets a question, identifies the processes and logical steps it used to reach the conclusion, and describes those processes to the user – its decision-making rationale. Most importantly, it answers questions in an ever increasing level of detail (based on the questioner’s level of interest), which develops user trust in the AI application.
Through the development of intelligent rational agents operating either nomadically or collaboratively in a mission-centric way, Triton Systems is very active in applying these neurosymbolic AI technologies in targeted market areas:

    • Anti-submarine warfare
    • Additive manufacturing of advanced materials
    • Unmanned vehicle swarming and counter-swarming
    • Cognitive Electronic Warfare
    • Radar systems
    • RF communications
    • Cybersecurity (offensive/defensive)


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