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Triton Expands to a New State of the Art Facility

March 4, 2021, Chelmsford, MA: Triton Systems Inc., (Triton), a technology incubator and developer of breakthrough products, today announced it has moved its facilities and headquarters to a new location to accommodate its growth, expand on its capabilities and offer improved amenities to its employees. The company remains in Chelmsford, MA where it has operated since its founding in 1992.

The newly remodeled space offers upgraded laboratories and development centers, enabling a full spectrum of in-house operations in chemistry, biology, sensors, composites, acoustics, robotics, electronics, optics, ergonomics, additive manufacturing, machining, welding, assembly and test, and virtual reality.

“We recognized the importance of expanding our capacity and internal capabilities as the company continues to grow and focus on not just designing and prototyping, but actually building products,” said David Model, Triton’s Chief Operating Officer. “We are also glad to stay in Chelmsford, our home for 28 years.  The Town’s economic development team were extremely helpful in Triton’s efforts to secure a new location.”

The newly remodeled location at 330 Billerica Road is part of Chelmsford’s new Cross Roads at 129, a 623-acre, 70 property business center encompassing high technology, research and development, healthcare, and education businesses.

“We are very pleased to support the expansion of Triton Systems and its advanced technologies programs,” said Lisa Marrone, Director of Business Development for the Town of Chelmsford.  “Triton’s growth fits well with Chelmsford’s newly achieved Platinum rating for bio-readiness through the MA Biotechnology Council and the growing collaborative along the Rt 129 corridor.”

The newly remodeled space was designed by Fishbrook Design Studios of Haverhill, MA and constructed by Windover Construction of Beverly, MA. The construction began in January of 2020 and was completed in January 2021.

About Triton Systems, Inc. (www.tritonsystems.com)

Triton Systems, (Triton) was founded as a technology and business incubator in 1992.  Headquartered in Chelmsford, MA, Triton has grown to a global footprint by taking breakthrough ideas in a broad range of disciplines and creating a series of commercial products and independent spin-offs – represented by over $2B in shareholder value across its portfolio of companies.  By partnering in-house technical, business and financial expertise with targeted external resources, we deliver creative solutions to the marketplace through licensed products, joint ventures and independent entities.

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Home>Articles>Triton Expands to a New State of the Art Facility