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Triton Systems Presents its Clean Technology Solutions to Governor Healey During Visit to their Headquarters

Chelmsford, MA, April 26,2024: Triton Systems, Inc. and its spin off Triton Anchor, LLC  hosted Governor Maura Healey and her staff, including Economic Development Secretary Yvonne Hao, Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Rebecca Tepper, and Mass Clean Energy Center CEO Emily Reichert at our Chelmsford headquarters on Thursday, April 25th, 2024. The Governor visited the Triton companies as part of her promotion of Massachusetts as a leader in clean energy technology and to highlight the Mass Leads Act, which, among other investments, will provide $1B for “climatetech” in the Commonwealth.

Governor Healey toured Triton’s facilities, specifically focusing on the offshore wind anchoring system developed by Triton Anchor, which offers a lower cost and more environmentally friendly solution compared with current systems. Governor Healey also learned more about Triton’s Wave Energy Conversion solution to harness wave energy for aquaculture and other parts of the “Blue Economy”.

Triton COO and Anchor Managing Director David Model stated that, “Governor Healey’s visit to Triton is a testament to our commitment to developing clean energy technology and solutions that also are in line with the Governor’s Mass Leads Act initiatives.” Model also noted that, “we are excited to host Governor Healey and her staff to learn about our Anchor and Wave Energy products and speak to the employees who take such great pride in the technology they innovate.”

The Governor and her staff affirmed the administration’s commitment to encouraging local companies such as Triton Anchor to grow its workforce and develop its technologies in the Commonwealth.  Mass CEC’s Reichert specifically identified CEC’s early support of Triton Anchor through its start-up phase and CEC’s commitment to assist the company with its current scale up and commercialization.


Triton’s Tyler Robertson explains the Wave Energy Converter technology to Governor Healey
(Left to Right: Triton Group Leader Chuck Hannon, Chuck Hannon, Tyler Robertson, Shane Tierney, Kate Will, and Sherry Tao and Governor Healey. and Governor Healey.)


Triton Anchor Lead Engineer Will Feather discusses the Triton Anchor technology with Governor Healey


Governor Maura Healey addresses the crowd at Triton
Left to Right: Elise Yannett, Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategic Planning, Dr. Emily Reichert, MassCEC CEO, Governor Maura Healey, Rebecca Tepper, Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs, Secretary of Economic Development, Yvonne Hao.


About Triton Anchor, LLC (www.tritonanchor.com)

Triton Anchor is a leading developer of subsea technology mostly related to mooring and anchoring of floating offshore wind and marine renewable energy generating platforms. We employ a diverse team of mechanical, geotechnical, ocean, and systems engineers, and business development specialists to create innovative technological solutions and implement them in the commercial market. Triton retains significant talent in the areas of mechanical engineering, mooring design, geotechnical engineering, and offshore maritime subsea construction. Triton is a Business Network for Offshore Wind Leadership Members, and a part of the Floating Offshore Wind Working Group.

About Triton Systems, Inc. (www.tritonsystems.com)

Triton Systems, (Triton) was founded as a technology and business incubator in 1992.  Headquartered in Chelmsford, MA, Triton has grown to a global footprint by taking breakthrough ideas in a broad range of disciplines and creating a series of commercial products and independent spin-offs – represented by over $2B in shareholder value across its portfolio of companies.  By partnering in-house technical, business and financial expertise with targeted external resources, Triton delivers creative solutions to the marketplace through licensed products, joint ventures and independent entities.


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Home>Articles>Triton Systems Presents its Clean Technology Solutions to Governor Healey During Visit to their Headquarters