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Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives

Triton’s broad-temperature, fluid-resistant (BTFR™) pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) are derived from a novel chemistry that offers intrinsic fluid resistance and a wide operating temperature range.

Our PSAs offer:
⦁ Operating range of −90 to 275 °F
⦁ Excellent fluid resistance
⦁ Peel strength of 2 pli to 20+ pli depending on temperature and other conditions
⦁ Repositionability to facilitate initial placement
⦁ Tailorable tack for clean peel
⦁ Shelf life of more than three years
⦁ Custom tape construction
⦁ Commercial scale manufacturing

Triton’s specialty PSA products are used on premier aerospace platforms. Compared to structural adhesives, these products simplify and accelerate related processes, including repair, and save manufacturing labor, time, and cost, and therefore enhance aircraft availability. We manufacture and sell PSA products at commercial scale. We also work with customers to develop customized solutions for specific needs.

For more information contact Mr. Anant Singh at asingh@tritonsystems.com





Home>Impact>Products and Licensing>Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives