Radiation Sensors

Triton’s FGD-02 dosimeter sensor integrates two independent serialized radiation sensors in a standard surface mount 5mm x 5mm, 32-pin plastic QFN package. Developed from work performed at CERN, the digital FGD-02 sensors measure gamma, X-ray and proton radiation up to 4Gy with a minimum detectable dose of 200mGy.

In active detection mode, the device requires power ranging from 3.3 – 5Vdc and uses less then 10mA of current. You can configure or interrogate the sensors through a standard SPI digital interface. In passive detection mode, the sensor requires zero power to continuously record applied radiation doses. Once powered, the sensors can be read as if in active mode.

The FGD-02 is ideal for personal and space dosimetry, CBRN systems, anti-tampering, UAV/ UUV/UGV ultra-low-power sensor platforms, exposure-level parts fatigue in aviation components, astronomy-based gamma ray detection, and general radiation monitoring.