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Fiber-Reinforced Aluminum (FRA) Composites

FRA Composites® (www.fracomp.com) are comprised of high strength aluminum alloys discontinuously reinforced with short ceramic fibers. They offer:

  • Superior wear-resistance (abrasive, fretting, metal-to-metal sliding) compared to widely used ferrous alloys, and have only one-third the density
  • Increased aluminum service temperature by ~200° F. (three times the elevated temperature strength compared with conventional aluminum alloys.
  • Isotropic mechanical and physical properties

Based on these unique properties, these patented material systems have a multitude of applications in military vehicles (fixed-wing, helicopters, tilt-rotor, UAVs, and combat vehicles) and commercial markets (aerospace, motor sports, heavy trucks, and oilfield drilling). FRA components have already proven their performance in system-level tests for several military applications.

A robust and reliable AS9100-compliant manufacturing capability and supply chain are being established under an exclusive license agreement with a Fortune 500 company with global leadership in aerospace and diversified industrial markets.



Home>Impact>Products and Licensing>Fiber-Reinforced Aluminum (FRA) Composites