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Traceptor Preconcentrator

The Triton Traceptor™ is a patented reversible trace-vapor-phase sample collector and pre-concentrator module. It can be adapted for aerosol and solid phase collection and volatilization. Its key features include:

⦁ Low power operation for miniaturized devices
⦁ Collection and concentration of vapor, aerosols, and particles
⦁ Flash desorption as vapor to detector
⦁ Modular front end for easy integration with existing devices
⦁ Chemically selective and agnostic to detection system for universal applicability
⦁ Enables detection not possible with current detectors of ultra-low-volatility compounds and aerosols
⦁ Rapid desorption, with long life using minimal consumables for lower total cost of ownership
⦁ Extensive data with chemicals, narcotics and explosives with wide range of trace sensor devices



Home>Impact>Products and Licensing>Traceptor Preconcentrator